Friday, April 24, 2009

Ready for Kindergarten

This post is more for me than anything, but read on if you'd like. I've been dreading this day for quite awhile. London has been needing some immunizations so that she can attend kindergarten in the fall and if you know anything about London she hates all things doctor. I scheduled the appointment around Jeff's lunch time so that he could go with me and help out. He has a way to make things all better (isn't that my job?). Also, I needed him there to hold her down. When I took Kamryn in for her kindergarten shots, I had to hold her down myself and that girl is sooo strong. I almost let her go and who knows what she would have done to that nurse if I had. So, London got a check up and she is a very healthy kid. The doctor said it was normal to have as many night terrors as she has, which was music to my ears. I can't wait for her to grow out of that! She weighs 40 lbs. and is 42 inches tall which leaves her in the 50th percentile for both. We had to give her a few tests that were kind of fun while we waited for the immunizations that included naming some colors, telling us what she uses a cup for, jumping over a piece of paper etc.,. We got through 2 pages of these little tests and their were no more, so I guess she is mentally/physically/socially on track for her age. I guess this is kind of an anticlamatic post because I don't have any funny/cool story to go with London getting her immunizations. She got poked 4 times in both thighs and cried. She was treated to McDonald's immediately afterwards. The next time she will need a shot will be when she is 11 yrs old and I am hoping by then she will overcome her fear of all things medical.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This is the post that never ends

5 months old!
Sullivan has been quite the joy to have around. We love him so much! He is still doing well with real food and eats his tub of Gerber's baby food when we sit down for meals. He also eats 6 oz. of formula in between those feedings. I am loving his schedule, especially now that his naps are longer yet fewer. He has grown and is now in 6-9 month clothing and wears size 3 diapers. I really, really need to go shopping for some new clothing for him, he's growing out of everything. I really want some plaid shorts, so if you've seen any cute plaid baby shorts please let me know! We did weigh him on our scale, but he hasn't gained weight so I am thinking he is just getting longer. He sits up a lot better now and he rolls from place to place. I almost forget he is getting mobile and when I come to check on him and he is somewhere other than I leave him, my heart starts to race a bit. He has been blowing raspberries and drooling like crazy. For a few weeks he was doing this little dance move like he was shaking his head no, but with some sassiness behind it. It was so cute. I wish I would have gotten it on video! Anyway, I had to sub for the sunbeams class and so I passed him off to a friend who happened to be sitting in the front row of Relief Society. It was Easter Sunday, so the lesson was quite spiritual and I felt bad but Sullivan had everyone cracking up with his little dance. I wish I could have seen it!
A picture to compare:

3 weeks

5 months old

Most people take pictures of their child in a car seat, or by a bear...but, not me. Ugh, I apologize that the only picture I have to compare is one of Sullivan taking a bath. I am sure I have other appropriate pictures, I just can't find them right now.
The turtle
Sullivan has been doing the turtle move for a few weeks now and does it automatically after I lay him on the ground. He will not relax. If I don't pick him back up from this position, then he just rolls over. He definitely prefers being on his belly now, though he'd much rather be held than anything. Jeff likes to hold down his legs so that he does a few sit-ups. He's quite strong and has done 3 in a row so far. It is so dang cute!

The local drive-in opened and we took advantage of going to watch two movies together without needing to get a babysitter. We just put the seats down and made a bed for the girls to fall asleep in and Sullivan fell asleep in his car seat. It was so nice, though I think I've finally got to the age where staying up late is difficult. We watched Push and The Knowing. Right now we don't have cable and really knew nothing about the movies before seeing them, other than the PG-13 rating...we didn't know what to expect. I kept expecting Push to get better, but it never did. And, The Knowing was enjoyable until the aliens then it got a little weird. I just hope the next time we go better movies will be playing.

On the way home, Jeff was pulled over for a suspected DUI (he took an extra wide turn at 1:30 in the morning). I was cracking up! I told you we are too old to stay up past midnight!

Since Sullivan was born during the winter months he hasn't been outside much. Spring has finally arrived (lets hope it stays) and we've been able to go outside quite a bit lately. He loves to go outside and doesn't even mind sitting in the grass. When the girls were babies, they literally freaked out every time I tried to put them in the grass. Yay for laid back baby boys!

I know the hat casts such a dark shadow on his cute little face, but better that then a sunburned head!

We recently had a parent teacher conference with Kamryn's first grade teacher. She is doing outstanding as usual. She is the only one in her class to still have a 100% in spelling on the year. Kamryn is also doing very well in Math and Reading (Third grade, six month level). Her teacher proceeded to tell us that Kamryn's only issue in 1st grade is reading too fast. If that is all I have to deal with right now, I'll take it! We attended Stake Conference this past Sunday and the Bishop greeted us all and asked Kamryn what she was hiding under her shirt. I was shocked to see that she snuck in a book to conference, but I was secretly proud too!

London, London, London...what a kid she is! She has been making up words and actions and then asking me if I know what they mean. For example:

London: Mom, know what this means? (twirling a frisbee)
Me: Um, no.
London: It means to stop talking.
Me: Oh, okay.
London: Try it, talk now.
Me: Okay, I was thinking that after we do our errands that we should...
London: (Starts twirling her frisbee so I stopped talking, she smiles big as she walks away)

Also, last weekend Jeff and I had quite the time trying to get the girls to clean up their room. They just did not want to do anything, so they hung out in their room most of the day. During lunchtime, London whispered in Jeff's ear that Kamryn was being a "butter act." He prompted her to explain and then she states that "Kamryn does nothing, like how butter acts." Clever girl, but if you can't say something nice, you don't say it at all.

We finally have Sullivan's court date scheduled for Thursday June 11. Unfortunately, our temple will not let us schedule our sealing date until after the court date. The next fast and testimony meeting is on the 4th of July weekend and so that doesn't work out very well for us. We really want the sealing/blessing to be that weekend of June 13,14. I am sure it will work out, I just hate that I have to wait till after the court date to schedule things. We will be having family coming from out of town and I need to know the exact weekend so that they can prepare accordingly. I will keep the blog updated as things progress, but as of right now June 13 we will be sealed as a family and on June 14 Sullivan will be blessed.

Update on our house...we were supposed to start building March 1, now it is almost May. Ugh! As of right now, we are waiting for financing to go through but we should be breaking ground the first week of May (cross our fingers). Lately building a house has been no fun!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Before we get into our Easter doings...
Can you see it? Look a little boy has his first faux hawk :) I'm so proud!

What a fun Easter we've had this year and it isn't even over yet...we still have yet to dye eggs. We celebrated all week long with little lessons and activities.

We made tombs out of snowballs and nilla wafers.

The Easter bunny decided to bring goodies to the kids on the day before Easter this year. I thought this was a great idea since Jeff has to leave so early to Bishopric meetings on Sunday and I wanted happy kids for Easter, not sleep deprived cranky kids. This ingenious idea soon came back to bite me in the bum. As Kamryn announced "The Easter Bunny came" I hear London say "Mom, I know it was you." She wouldn't let it go either. She kept bugging me about me being the Easter bunny. Even on Sunday I mentioned that they get to wear the shoes that the Easter bunny brought them and she said "It was you Mom."
So to fix the little problem...As the girls were on an Easter egg hunt, they found a few pieces of candy along with the note that said "Hoppy Easter", from the Easter Bunny and that seemed to satisfy London.
And, just so you know...the tooth fairy has forgotten to visit twice and don't even get me started on Santa.

Sullivan's first Easter. He almost didn't fit in the basket! :)

I was subbing in Sunbeams when in walks a pale London and her teacher who tells me London doesn't feel well. I snuggle with her while trying to finish the lesson and she is sweating and just not looking so hot. I grabbed the secretary and had her keep an eye on the class while I search for Jeff to tell him that I need to take London home. But, the fresh air did some good and she was starting to look better and even opened her candy filled egg and ate a skittle. That is when she tells me that they watched a movie about Jesus dying and that she saw blood on his hands. This is just weird to me that she gets so sick when she sees blood.

In the car on the way to church.

The Hunt
Normally we do the public Easter egg hunt as well as doing a little Easter egg hunt at home on Easter morning, however a few years ago we went to one and Kammi ended up getting two eggs and London didn't get any at all. I didn't care that Kammi only had two eggs, I was so proud of her and she was happy. I wasn't happy that people were greedy and pushed my timid London to the back so she didn't even get one egg! I saw parents helping pick up the eggs for their kids and continued to do so even after they had quite a few eggs. It was so frustrating and heart breaking to see my little girl with tears in her eyes because she didn't get an egg. Luckily, big sis came to the rescue and gave London one of her eggs. Ever since that incident, Jeff is anti public Easter egg hunts. I agree, somewhat...I want to try again since the kids are older. I remember going to public Easter egg hunts when I was little and I loved them. I just hate the thought that my kids are missing out on things like that. Maybe next year:)

Even Sullivan finds one

The Loot

Jeff made doughnuts during General Conference weekend...they were yummy and I wish I didn't have to limit myself to eating just one.