Saturday, August 30, 2008

Every Princess...

deserves a throne to sit on.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Summer ends and School begins

Anyone need a trim? Just ask London, she is great at cutting hair...especially her own!

Kammi lost yet another tooth. We are now teaching her how to floss in between her big teeth. She never needed to floss before because of her great spacing in between her baby teeth.

The girls had their end of the summer dance performance and Kammi got to wear this cute tu tu. She loved jumping on the trampoline with it on.

We went with some friends to the drive in and watched Journey to the center of the Earth and Get Smart. Kammi enjoyed the first movie, however Jeff and I weren't impressed by it. Get Smart was laugh out loud funny. I loved it!

Every year, my mom takes the grand kids shopping for a new outfit for school. Check out the outfit Kammi picked out for her first day of school at the very bottom of this post. So, not only did my parents take my kids shopping, but they also brought London's birthday present (I will post pics later) and a little make up kit for Kamryn. Later that night, the girls gave me a make over. I had hot pink fingernails and white make up all over with star hair clippies in my hair. Beautiful huh!

This weekend was the dedication of the Twin Falls Temple. It was so beautiful and I am so grateful that I was able to be a part of everything. The Youth Cultural Celebration was absolutely amazing. The hours that must have went into each dance, song and costume! Wow!

The best part of the YCC was the Idaho Potato rap.

And finally...
Here she is...our first grader. I am happy that she is happy, that she is confident and is able to make friends easily and that she is smart. It really does make sending her off to school much easier for me, though I already miss her and she has only been gone 2 hours.

Friday, August 15, 2008


When we lived in Rexburg and only had one car, I walked everywhere! It was the only way for me to get my errands done, get the kids out of the house, exercise and stay happy. It worked and I loved it. After losing some weight this year, I hit a plateau which I have stayed at this WHOLE summer. It is frustrating. Though, I understand that being inconsistent with exercise/eating right this summer has a lot to do with it. I am trying to get back on track. I decided that I had so much fun walking around accomplishing tasks in Rexburg that I'd try that again. I didn't really factor in the fact that both girls have an extra 20 pounds on them and that I decided to do it during the hottest time of the day.

We started by having a picnic at the park.

Playing at the park was a must!

Our first stop was the bank where both girls got suckers.

The girls got tired of riding on the scooter, so both hopped into my single stroller. They were both so squished and hot, but it was the best that we could do.

The snow cone stop was our favorite!

We finally made it to the swimming pool where the girls enjoyed cooling off!

The goal was to walk back to our car after swimming, but I was just to exhausted from the heat. We ended up calling Jeff who rescued us :) Maybe we can try this again after the fall weather comes.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Company Party

We had a work party for Jeff's company on Thursday and Friday of last week. All in all it was really fun. They had a company meeting the first half of the day. At 1:30pm, everyone brought families and we got in groups and had 2 boxes of legos that we all had to design items that we'd take back to the 1800's. Luckily for us, our group consisted of an artist (graphic designer) and a sports fanatic. The artist guy created a huge John Deer tractor and the sports fanatic created a goal post/football and a basketball hoop complete with a net and an orange basketball (jawbreaker candy). Our group also created a microwave, computer and a toilet with indoor plumbing and toilet paper. We came in second place...yay. The winners of the competition actually are lego fanatics and I knew the second that we were having this competition that they'd win and I was right. They made a bathroom with all the amenities you could think of ie: blow driers, curling iron. I wish I had taken a picture because it was so awesome. They totally deserved the prize.

After the lego competition, we all attended the Twin Falls Temple open house. Why is it that the most important time for your children to be well behaved, they go crazy hyper??? Ugh! We had a rough experience trying unsuccessfully to keep kids quiet and well-behaved.

After the temple, we all gathered in for a catered dinner which was extra yummy. We were then treated to a magic show which kept my kids entertained so the crazy hyperness that they displayed earlier finally calmed down. We separated the kids from the adults and we had a banquet with a power point presentation. In the presentation they had comments/compliments taken from co-workers about fellow employees.

Here are Jeff's:
1. Always smiling!
2. Agreeable, willing to work with anyone, always watching out for his clients opportunities.
3. All around great guy, he would even let you borrow his sweats. Nicknames=Pistachio or The Stach. (I might need to ask him about those nicknames)
4. Always Smiling.
5. Behind closed doors, works hard.
6. Hard worker, positive attitude, gets along well with everyone.
6. Has a contagious smile, happy guy, family guy, very nice and easy to be around.
7. He helped me contact some people for an article.
8. Not a lick of farming sense, but will not let that get him down...he still wants to try it!!! Great traveler, great at building relationships. Has the people skills to be a great seller-and is a great seller. Enjoyable to be around, good sense of humor. Good worker. Team player. Builder/Lifter.
9. Smiley. Always happy. He is intelligent, humble hard working, polite and dependable.
10. Tall-soft spoken-motivated-sales guy
11. Also has a fun sense of humor
12. Team player (even sharing his home for the company!)
13. Consistent, great written and improving verbal communicator, humble, unassuming
14. Dependable
15. Focused and hard working
16. Generous, kind, will go the extra mile
17. Good friend. Jeff is so personable and gets along with everyone.
18. He can clean windows in a circular motion that is appalling and he sells up a storm from unsuspecting sources. (This one is from Leon who we are house sitting for. We lived together for 2 months before they left on a mission and I guess during that time Jeff actually washed the windows :) Just teasing, he really does more cleaning than I do).
19. Jack of all trades (master of some). Fun to be around and a pleasure to work with.
20. Seems to do a very positive job.

Also, all co-workers voted on 2 people that meet the following criteria:
They are team players. They help the team move in the right direction. They get back to you when they say they will. They treat you well (you leave your interactions with them feeling better than when you started). They are enjoyable to be around. They work hard. They are helpful. They are interested. They care. You wish you had more co-workers like them.

Jeff got the second most votes, which was pretty cool.

The next day (Friday) we left the girls with a babysitter and went to play a softball game with Jeff's company. I really hate to be "poor me" but it really is not fun to watch people playing sports while I sit and watch and feel bad about myself because I can't play. I hate it! My car accident happened almost 13 years ago and not being able to run/play sports still has not become bearable. I even have reoccurring dreams about me playing sports. After my pity party, I was able to come to my senses and quit feeling sorry for myself and just focused on being happy. I picked up the girls early because I saw no point in paying a babysitter when all I was doing was sitting there. Then after a picnic lunch the company party ended.

Here are most of Jeff's co-workers. Some are missing because they were still at about dedication! Crazy tidbit for ya...the woman on the far left in the red shirt used to babysit me when I was little (in Washington).

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Fair Week

Jeff and I had the privilege to be in a parade that kick starts the fair. While Jeff and I represented his work, both of the girls were on a separate float for Tavaci (a singing group). While Jeff ran the parade passing out Popsicles, I sat on the back and threw candy. Unfortunately, I am not that great of a candy thrower and I hit Jeff in the head several times.

The girls also had a dance performance at the fair. London didn't want to perform and even Kamryn looked a bit upset during her performance. I didn't realize that the girls didn't feel very well until they both threw up in my clean car on the way home :( It was not a fun clean up job! We hung out at home for the next few days until they fully recovered.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Play hard,

Sleep harder!