Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Our Valentine's wasn't what we planned this year, but it was still a lot of fun. Jeff was gone for the week on a business trip to California and was supposed to return Thursday evening. That all changed when Jeff was bumped from his flight and wouldn't be coming home till late the next day. I was so disappointed. Jeff is gone on business quite a bit, especially in the month of February. On top of that, I was really sick with a respitory infection and if you know anything about me, fighting an infection in my lungs is not so easy. I just really needed Jeff and to hear that he wouldn't be home when he was supposed to was really frustrating to me. But, we survived and it was actually exciting to take a road trip with the kids to go pick him up at the airport. We ended up getting a hotel room for the night, which was great especially since his flights were delayed and we didn't even pick up Jeff from the airport until late.

The girls love airport reunions...the sign was their idea. Jeff felt pretty loved!

Sullivan experienced his first time swimming in a pool. We woke him up after he was down for the night, so he is quite tired in all of his pictures. The girls also had a great time playing Marco/Polo with Jeff after I had to take sleepy boy back to the room so that he could go to bed.

Sullivan hogging the bed again. He is so tired.

These two...I love my girls so much. Even though they fight by day, they still love each other and need to snuggle by night.

Valentine's Day

While Jeff and I were dating, we frequented an Italian restaurant called Louie's. It was an out of the way joint that not many people knew about and the food was amazingly good. I swear we ate there at least twice a week. It was so romantic. The walls were painted with images of Italy. We usually sat right infront of a fireplace and we rarely had other costumers in the room with us and we'd talk of our future. Just thinking about this gets me all giddy inside. While we were on our missions, Louie's went out of business (so sad).

So, we were so excited when we discovered a Louie's in Meridian, Idaho. Though it definitely isn't the same as the Louie's that we were used to, it still brings back those memories. So, we took the kids to eat at Louie's for lunch on Valentine's day.

Fried Ravioli

The rest of the day was spent shopping, though we didn't buy much. It was still a great V-day.

I also made the girls these dresses, though the pictures don't do them much justice. They are super cute and sparkly too. I was just pleased that I was actually able to finish one of my projects.

An awesome Valentine's package

Thanks Ashley! The kids loved it! And, I am keeping those hearts forever!

While Jeff's away...

Monday, February 9, 2009

My 2 1/2 month boy

For some odd reason, I love to dress babies up like they are little adults. Which is really weird because I love babies and I don't like to see them grow up so quickly. I dressed both Kamryn and London that way and now I am continuing with Sullivan. Habit, I guess. Anyway, I just thought this outfit made him look like a cute little man. He's so cute...sigh.

So, Mr. Sullivan is 2 1/2 months today. I wasn't going to do a post, but he's changing so often and I don't want to forget any detail.

He started laughing today. He's tried in the past, but it hasn't quite came out of his throat correctly. He has laughed in his sleep, but that doesn't count as a first laugh. It was bath time (his favorite time of the day, by far) and I unbuttoned the top button of his sleeper and I must have poked his chest/neck area a little because his fists came up close to his mouth and a giggle emerged. Is giggle a manly enough word to use in this situation? Hmm. Anyway, I took off the sleeper and tried the same area again, kind of tickling him and immediately he brought his hands up and laughed a bunch. Ugh, I love this kid. So, I bring naked baby back into our bedroom where I brake out my video camera and record his laugh for Jeff. I later called Jeff and played the laugh for him over the phone and he told me to stop because it made him miss Sullivan too much. Jeff may have gotten the first smile out of Sullivan, but I got the laugh...yay! So, it looks like I wore the laughing right out of Sullivan because he stopped and just wanted to take his bath. I put him in the water and washed the gunk that gathers in the fat folds of his neck...again he starts laughing. He must be sensitive in that area.

Sullivan has also been very strong since birth. He loves standing on his legs and even when I ask him how strong he is, he seems to strut his stuff. He loves it. He tries to sit up when he is in a semi reclined position. It makes me worried that he'll topple right over. He also started to bounce when he's standing on his legs. We broke out our old exersaucer and he loves to sit in it. He's not really bouncing in it yet, but you can tell he is trying. His body and arms are perfectly still and then you look below and his legs are all over the place. I'll try to get some pictures soon.

Another story...after doing some errands in a town about 10 minutes away, Sullivan got hungry and was ready to eat. Since we were already in the car and driving, I opted to just go home and feed him instead of pulling to the side of the road. I can hear him grunting, moving around and occasionally letting out a little cry. Then more cries came, but it sounded like he didn't know how to cry. It took him a little while to figure out how to do a full on "I'm not happy at all" cry. It sounded quite comical, though I was very anxious to get home and make him happy. He's just such a good kid he had to learn how to cry :)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Love em

A special visit

Grandma K (my Dad's mom) decided to leave her comfortable home in Montana and visit my parents. I rarely get to see my Grandma, so we took the opportunity to go to my parents house while Jeff was on a business trip in Nebraska. We had a great time visiting with Grandma and wonderful memories were made. And, Kamryn and London are at the age where they will remember their Great Grandma now. Grandma K loved little Sullivan and I have about 50 pictures to prove it :)

Four generations! I've always wanted this picture.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Project 365 is proving difficult for me. I am not that great of a photo taker and usually only place my absolute favorites on my blog...makes me look like a better photographer than I am. I also tend to forget about taking the photo until it is late and I haven't learned how to take good pictures in the dark yet. I don't like using my flash. I am learning and practicing though.
Monday January 26
I just love this little boy.

Tuesday January 27
London came home with this cute ground hog she made in preschool.

Wednesday January 28
Jeff's younger brother Jamie and his wife welcomed this cutie to the world...baby Sarah.

Thursday January 29

Friday January 30
You are probably wondering why on earth I am posting a picture of Costco....well, on our way doing errands Jeff and I were talking about our upcoming sealing/blessing to Sullivan in May/June and how I want everything to be perfect (it usually isn't, but I still try). Anyway...we were talking about how much we'd need to invest in the girls white dresses and Sullivan's little white tux and if you know Jeff he hates, HATES when we buy things and they are only used once. I am making this story longer than it should be. We talk about how much we are going to spend on their outfits and come to a general agreement that we need to save about $100 for clothing alone. Our conversation ends and we do some shopping in Costco where they have Easter dresses out. I sift through the dresses and found two all white dresses for $16 each. They are pretty plain looking, but I think plain is beautiful. Woohoo...especially after thinking we'd spend a lot more.

Saturday January 31
We had a few couples over for a game night.

Sunday February 1
What a busy, busy Sunday. Right before I was putting the kids to bed I realized I hadn't taken the picture for the day, so I gathered them together for a shot. Kammi was less than thrilled about it.

Monday February 2
You'd think they were twins. Ugh, I really hope Sullivan isn't a thumb sucker...hence my pushing of the binky that I can throw away when the time is right.

Monday, February 2, 2009