Monday, October 26, 2009

The trench was dug, electricity was connected between the house and the power pole.

Last week they finished the sheet rock, but the perfa-tape hasn't been finished just yet. This week shows promise of texture, trim and paint. Though, we've again been having bad weather which is making it difficult for things to dry. Oh, and if it looks like we have really high ceilings, it is because it's true...we had them raised purposely.

From Kitchen into Living Room. Lots of plant shelves.

Our dormer that comes with an electrical outlet, maybe we will get a little Christmas tree just for this spot.

From Dining Room into Living Room.

From corner of family room, looking into the breakfast nook.

Outside of the house is getting close to being finished. Siding, Stucco and shall look bee-u-tee-full!

Less than two weeks left till the owners of the house we are living in come home...yikes! We are in full time moving mode now.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Will I ever get used to this!

A week ago during sacrament meeting at our church, London gets a tiny paper cut. She shows me, tells me she needs to go home and get a bandaid. I tell her that we have to stay for the meeting first and as soon as we get home, I will get her one. She stares at that little cut forever, she even made a drop of blood come out. I guess it has been so long in between incidents, that I completely forgot how London reacts to seeing blood. The meeting continues, she colors. Then she snuggles in close to me and tells me she's hungry. Then she tells me her tummy hurts (which she tells me EVERYDAY, usually it means she's hungry or needing to use the restroom). Then she starts to sweat and I look down at her and she's completely pale and starting to go limp. I do some weird funky sign language to Jeff up on the stand and he nods in understanding. I ask a family in front of me and behind me to take care of my kids and I proceed to leave with London. I lay her on the couch (luckily no one is out in the halls) and she just starts thrashing around, still coherent though. She's sweating, pale and moving around like she is completely uncomfortable. She start complaining that she feels like she is going to throw up, so we move to the bathroom. I put her up on the counter and grab some paper towels to soak up some of the sweat when she passes out. She goes completely limp in my arms and her head flops backward and starts bouncing and her eyes are rolling back in her head. I think "she didn't pass out, she's having a seizure." You've got to remember that I am not good in these situations. I freak out! I lay her on the ground, yell for help down the hallway. Luckily, some Mom came and sat with poor little London on the ground (who was wide awake now, still pale and sweating). I ran into the back of our sacrament meeting and waved down Jeff and he came running. He grabs her, holds her like she was a little baby, kisses her, wipes her sweat off and makes her laugh. (Why couldn't I have done that?) He totally made things better and she started regaining color and recovering. I still thought that she had a seizure, but after talking to a doctor in our ward I've come to find out that it was just the position she was in when she fainted. I felt a little sheepish making a big scene like I did, though only a few people even noticed.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

Fireplace was framed out.

Jetted tub is framed out.

Windows/doors came and were installed.

The columns were framed out.

If you were to ask me what my favorite feature of the house is, I'd say my jetted tub. However, these little guys (on the wall, if you can see them) come in second place. These are our individual reading lights. Anyway, the nice part about them is that we each have our own light switches and don't have to get out of bed once we are ready to quit reading and go to sleep. I can stay up reading late into the night if I'd like. Gah, I love them!

Finished framing out the kitchen.


Girls sitting by the "fat boy" tub.

Electrical is almost done, we just need a final inspection.

Side of the house

I see this waste pile every time we visit the house (every night) and I can't let those perfectly square pieces of wood go to waste. I snag some here and there and hopefully I will be able to do a fun craft with them.

Back of the house

Back porch, with roof overhang.

Side of the house

It is doubtful that the house will be finished in the next two weeks. Our contractor is letting us stay in one of his spec homes temporarily until the house is finished. We plan on moving most stuff to a storage unit which is very close to our house and bringing only the basic necessities with us while we stay in the spec home. This isn't a desired option, but we will make it. I might need to use friends laundry facilities for a few weeks and we'll be eating out a lot since we won't have a fridge. They will be sheet rocking starting Monday. It should go fast after that. The next two weeks we will be packing up, cleaning and moving out.


He has shy teeth and I haven't be able to photograph them till today.

Now for the close ups...


His scowl. Guess he was done with me taking his picture.

Monday, October 12, 2009

My Mischievous Boy!

mis·chie·vous (mĭs'chə-vəs)
1. Causing mischief.

2. Playful in a naughty or teasing way.

3. Troublesome

I love my boy! I love that he is ALL boy and he does boy things like make messes, eats dirt, stinks, growls, get owies often, climbs everything etc.,.

He got caught making a huge mess under our computer desk. He does this several times through out the day. I've got to the point where I don't clean it up because I know he'll just make a mess out of it again.

He gets stuck everywhere! Anytime I don't hear Sullivan for awhile, I know he's got himself stuck somewhere. He climbs on the couch, bench, into the tub...EVERYWHERE! Luckily, when he gets stuck he just stays there till I rescue him. It always worries me that he'll fall off, but he doesn't move once he gets up there.

Here he is stuck in a corner with a lamp blocking his escape.

My camera was dropped the other day and it isn't working right, that or I basically can't take a photo of moving objects (which is most likely the case), sorry for the blurry photos. Emily...I need a lesson on taking pictures of moving people!!! Oh and thank you so much for making me a new blog header, that was just the best surprise I've had in a long time!!!

Part of the reason why he's become so mischievous is because he is now currently very mobile. He started officially walking really well last week. He loves to carry things while he walks ie: books, crayons, toys etc.,.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Jeff's family came to see the progress of our house. I think they liked it. They even mentioned that we should have Thanksgiving at our house this year :) What do you think, should I take that on???

Went to visit my family while Jeff was away on business. This picture is comparing how big Sullivan is to Emree. Dad obviously doesn't understand "Don't get us in the picture."

We've always wanted to see some base jumpers in action. We finally had the chance to watch and it was really exciting. It definitely confirmed my decision to never do it myself though. Jeff and I joked that we marked this off of our bucket list, but how pathetic it was that we just wanted to watch and not actually base jump. What can I say, I'm a wimp.

Lately we've been buying stuff for our new house. We've been really strict with our budget for the last 2 years and saved enough to buy new couches, a fridge and a new TV (hey, priorities!). Though, I've accustomed myself to saving, not spending and it was difficult for me to pay for such big ticket items. What has happened to me! We decided that the television was to fun to leave in the box and so we set it up and watched Monsters vs. Aliens as a family. Wow...what a difference a big TV makes! I love it!

Sullivan is watching Baby Einstein.

I put the table in front of it because it didn't look that stable to me.

Lastly, here is the house today...

We've had about a week setback due to the snow we got last week. They are supposed to finish the roof today (shingles and all) and we met with the electrician yesterday. I am doubtful that it will be done before the end of the month, but still hopeful that we will be close enough that we can move everything into the garage. I don't mind living out of a suitcase for a week or so, but beyond that I'm not so sure.