Tuesday, February 15, 2011


For Valentine's day this year we decided to not spend money on each other. We can show our love to each other through acts of service, kind words and lots of hugs and kisses.

Jeff started our V-day off right, with heart shaped pink pancakes. And they were perfect, of course.

You know how you "imagine" a perfect evening, everything planned from the menu to the decor, love put into everything you do...and then it fails miserably!!? Yeah, I think this would sum up my Valentine's Day to the tee!

I started writing everything I did to make it a special V-day for my family and how plans failed miserably, but decided to delete it. All that matters was that I tried and just because it didn't live up to my expectations, doesn't mean I failed or my plan failed. My family knows that I love them and that's ALL that matters!

It was such a gorgeous day that Jeff took the kids outside to golf while I worked on dinner. I can see this becoming a habit with Sullivan, he seems to grab his plastic golf club every time we go outside now.

Here we are getting ready to start a fabulous dinner...

We had fondue, unfortunately one bite of steak per fondue stick took about 15 min. to cook. The kids hated waiting and we ended up doing our V-day FHE Olympics while our food cooked. And by that time, they didn't want dinner anymore. Still, it was yummy. And, the FHE Olympics was fun for a few games and then the kids just kept playing and wouldn't listen so I gave up. But, they had fun and that is all that I care about.

All in All, our Valentine's was nice. And though we are a very loving family most of the time, it was nice to do just a little more on this holiday.

Monday, February 14, 2011


I only post this because I don't want to forget it, not to brag, not to seem like we are a perfect family cause we aren't. The concept of fasting has been very difficult for Kamryn, which I can completely understand. Food is like one of her most favorite things and to give that up for 24 hrs. seems just plain crazy to her.

Well, her cousin Mayzi (age 5) was just recently referred to an oncologist after visiting two different doctors. She's been having major health issues so when I heard that she had been referred to a Cancer doctor, my heart just broke. Danielle and Jason called a family fast before she went to the oncologist, this would be a perfect time to have Kamryn complete her first fast (she's tried before). She agreed, she loves Mayzi and would do anything that she could to help her feel better.

We started Saturday night and by the next morning Kamryn was still going strong. She kept commenting that it was hard. London didn't help much when she took big gulps of ice water in front of us and then saying "have a good time fasting guys." By mid morning, Kammi was in tears. I just held my baby girl and told her she could do this, I knew she could. She kept crying for quite awhile, broke my heart. I did mention to her that this is her choice, she could stop at anytime. She was more worried about Mayzi and wanted to do all that she could for her little cousin.

I distracted her as much as possible and told her as soon as church started it would be easier. We (FINALLY!) went to church and then it was over, she had succeeded, almost. We have a guy in our ward that hands out smarties to the little kids in primary and she got one. She watched Sullivan and London eat theirs in front of her. She asked if we could break our fast before we drove home and I said that she had to wait. I was worried that she would sneak some while we drove home, but the smarties package was in tact when I helped her out of the car.

We went to my bedroom, got on our knees, and prayed our hearts out for Mayzi. When we were done, I asked her how she felt and she said "Fasting feels like being grounded from food." Ha ha!! She's such a funny kid. She tells me that she felt proud, but very hungry and then went and ate whatever she wanted to eat...which surprisingly was an orange, cheese stick and a yogurt. If I was a kid and got to eat whatever I wanted, it wouldn't have been those choices!! Fasting brought me such comfort. I had absolutely no worries about Mayzi after that. Mayzi has since gone to the oncologist, and guess what...NO CANCER!!! Phew, what a relief. She's still a sick little girl, was referred to a doc in Boise that deals with allergies. Hopefully they will find out something soon so that she can start tolerating food again.

Anyway, I'm so proud of my K. And, I hope that she will always remember that she does have control over her body and the feelings that she had after she completed her fast.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

This is the season where Jeff travels the most frequently. I try to go visit my family during one of his trips, so we did just that. It was so nice to relax and visit with my parents/siblings and all of their kids.

On Saturday, all the cousins were home from school so we met up at a local place that has an arcade/jungle gym and also serves the yummiest taco pizza I've had since I was younger. It was so busy, at least a dozen birthday parties going on. I felt a little out of control because I had no idea where Sullivan was most of the time. He's still so young to be wandering around by himself. Luckily, he found an area that he liked and mostly hung out there. Every time I had to go check on the girls or go eat and I'd come back he'd mostly be in the same spot. Still...I hate that feeling of "Where is he?" when he isn't where he's supposed to be, you know. The kids had a blast and wore themselves out!

Jason, Danielle's husband, offered to watch my kids so that I could go have fun with just my sister. It was so nice of him and I pounced on the opportunity, it is rare that I get to be with my sister without kids and she's been going through so much lately that we really just needed peace and quiet and some time to talk. We walked through the mall and then we went out to the movies. It was so needed and I appreciate Jason for taking that task on!

London and Mayzi eating Taco Pizza.

Kienzli and Sullivan on a ride. Actually, Sullivan invited himself on Kienzli's ride. I tried to get him off, but Misty said it was okay.

Cashing in on their arcade tickets

It's been a busy morning already...

Don't be fooled by his cuteness, his innocent face that could never do any wrong.
He loves flour and loves making messes! But, he also happens to be my cleanest child, especially if I break out the "Clean Up" song that they sing in nursery. I think it is kind of ironic that he's wearing his "I make dirt look good" shirt...it's true, he's ADORABLE even covered from head to toe in flour. Even last night, Jeff and I left the kids with a babysitter to go on a date and he climbed up on the counters and dumped the peas from their dinner out and squished them all over his clothing. I'd love to just get in his mind to see what in the world he thinks about as he's making these messes!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Wish we could give these to you in person...

Happy Birthday goes out to our Sullivan's birthmom, Kylee. Hope you had a great day/weekend!