Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Doings

We carved Pumpkins. Sullivan just kept trying to eat the pumpkin guts, so he was excused from this activity.

We traditionally visit my side of the family for Halloween. This year was quite mello though because everyone seemed to be sick with the swine flu/H1N1. We mostly hung out with my parents, but did end up seeing my brother and his family when they came over for pumpkin stew, cornbread and honey butter. We didn't get to do all the fun things we had planned, bobbing for apples, halloween kid crafts and games etc.,. Then we (after much debate) ended up going to my sisters house so that we could see them and so that we could go trick-or-treating with them. We are hoping that since we've already dealt with this sickness that we won't pick up anything from being around sick kids all weekend.

My parents did give all the cousins a goody bag full of Halloween fun. The girls had so much fun with the contents.

Flashing Billy Bob teeth, a Halloween must.

One thing that my Dad picked out for the Halloween goodie bag were these beekers full of goo and eyeballs, worms and such. They looked pretty nasty. From what it sounded like most cousins were grossed out by these and wouldn't eat them. As soon as Kam heard that, she chug-a-lugged one of them.

Her reaction...sugar overload!

Grandma playfully forcing London to try one.

Sullivan chose Superman. We waited a little too long to get ready for Halloween and with us moving I didn't have the time to sew the costumes like I'd like to have done. We took the kids to Walmart to pick out costumes and unfortunately Sullivan didn't have many options. They had a lion, a gnome and superman in his size. We eliminated the gnome. And then we held up the lion and superman for Sullivan to choose. He picked Superman. He does look adorable though!

Ready for take off.

London chose to be a Butterfly.

Kamryn chose to be Dorothy.

Yes, we took Sullivan to a few houses just so that he could experience it. He only got like 5 pieces of candy, which I ate. Judge me if you want!

He's probably thinking this is just crazy, taking candy from a stranger.

I think he's still in shock with this weird holiday called Halloween.