Monday, July 9, 2012

Go Aggies!

This Mama...
1. Was shocked at the competitiveness of club level softball.
2. Happy that Kam was learning technique and different plays.
3. Grateful for a coach and an assistant that spent tons of unpaid time teaching and coaching my daughter.
4. Cried when on her first time at bat she hit a triple scoring 3 runs taking the lead in the last inning in a tied game. She had a smile on her face as she rounded each base...the crowd went wild!!!
5. Saw a complete transformation in my daughter and her love for the game!
6. Witnessed her confidence grow as she continued to make great improvements on the field.
7. Squeezed the life out of Jeff's hand every time she was at bat or a ball was hit to her.
8. Completely impressed and proud of my 9 year old daughter who was transformed into a GREAT softball player.
9. Learned that I love watching her play and I look forward to next season!!


First Smores of the season, with many more to follow. We love our fire pit!



I am trying to get caught up on my blogging and just now realized that I didn't post any photos from our visit to Universal Studios.


The line for buying some fresh butter beer was huge, but I guess you have to try it.