Monday, August 8, 2011

Popcorn Popping

This is why I'm a nervous Mom!!!


Either that cat is fat, or pregnant...

I felt so bad for that cat, she waddled around looking so miserable and hot. I only let her in our house a couple of times to cool off and relax. And then, that last time that I let her inside, I forgot about her and left her there while running some errands. When we got home we couldn't find her anywhere. We finally found her behind Jeff's clothes that were hanging in his closet (gross, but so thankful it wasn't on my side of the closet). We thought she was done having the kitties and we were happy that she only had 3 of them. But, as we checked on her through out the day we'd find more kitties. She ended up having 3 gray and 3 orange tabbies. They are super cute.

They are a lot older now and ready to be given away to whomever wants one (free).

First Play Date

Sullivan has a friend and they have matching hair color. ;) It is so cute to see them together. We invited his friend over and after about 15 minutes of playing with toys, they were bored. Sullivan really had no clue what to do while his friend was there. So, I made a quick batch of sidewalk paint and let them go to town. The most fun they had was squirting the vinegar on the paint and watching it foam. Unfortunately, I sent friend home with green fingers ;).

Cars 2

Summer School

Summer School started out strong, but has fizzles since our last family reunion. Wish I had my mojo back, it was going really well for awhile.

Scooter Track

The girls really enjoy riding their scooters downstairs, especially since it is so hot outside. So, I taped a track design around the whole unfinished basement downstairs. I ran out of tape before I took this picture, but the track has been a lot of fun for the girls.