Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Photo-a-day Challenge

My blog has been in serious funk lately. It needs some spice in its life. The blog has been too much "I'm a good Mom, look what I do with my kids." To help me with spicing things up just a notch (hey, I'm a busy person with other priorities, you get what you get)I found a photo-a-day challenge on pinterest that I did during the month of January and some of February. Enjoy...

1. You

Not a picture of me, yet you can visualize me when you see these things. I must look so funny to people who see me working out at the gym. I look like an ICU patient and I'm sure they wonder why I'm at the gym instead of some hospital dying. I have my huge oxygen tank because I can't er, WON'T fork up an extra $100 a month for the better looking smaller one. This huge tank only costs around $30 a month, so I just deal with the awkwardness of it all. I also have a canula in my nose, an ipod with ear buds in my ears and an oximeter (pictured) which measures my oxygen stats and heart rate. I have so much stuff on me that I get pretty self conscious at the gym.
2. Breakfast

Sullivan requests pancakes every morning. I save myself some time and have some in the freezer. The girls tend to get more bored with the same old stuff for breakfast. So besides for the usual cereal/milk, they also enjoy smoothies, hard boiled eggs and bagels/cream cheese. In fact, we love breakfast so much that we sometimes have it for dinner...usually only on nights that I've neglected to go grocery shopping and I don't have anything else in the house. ;)
3. Something you Adore

4. Letterbox

I wasn't really sure what was meant by "letterbox" so I just went with what was easiest. Here is Sullivan getting our mail.

5. Something you wore

A gift from my husband, new earrings.
6. Makes you smile

My kids!

7. Favorite

Their is nothing better after a long day of motherhood than slipping in the jetted tub with the hottest of water and a lush bath product. Seriously it makes all problems go away.
More to the picture...

Obviously the kids like my jetted tub as well.
8. Your sky

Jeff taking the kids on a 2 miler.
9. Daily Routine

My daily routine is probably pretty boring to most people. To satisfy this category enjoy a picture of my chapstick. I use it daily, it is routine. ;)
10. Childhood

I don't remember much of my childhood other than it was GREAT. I had/have fantastic parents.
11. Where you sleep

I think it is kind of weird to put a photo of my bed on my blog, but I'm sure I'll appreciate it in the future.
12. Close-up

13. In your bag

Here is a list of what was in my bag...
Debit card, license, credit card, check book.
Lotion, bobby pins, gum and eye liner (the girls put it there after the b-ball game).
Dental Appointment reminder, package of fruit snacks and 1 half eaten lollypop.
Coupons and a list of books to check out at the library.
14. Something you're reading

Poison Study by Maria Snyder on my Nook, cute cover was a gift from my hubby.
15. Happiness

Happiness=Life in general, our home is where the things I love most are.
16. Morning

I really don't know if this qualifies under the "morning" category, but it was taken on the morning of his first day as a Sunbeam...that counts, right?!
17. Water

My relationship with water isn't what it should be, but I'm working on it.
18. Something you bought

The ONLY thing I buy is food for the family, unless I really, really, really want/need something. I do enjoy an occasional couponing grocery shopping trip though, as evidence by this photo. Our cabinets/pantry are stocked.

19. Sweet

K made this at Activity Days and we've enjoyed writing love messages back and forth. Just when I thought she couldn't possibly beat what I had just written, she came back with this message. It melted my heart.
20. Someone you love

21. Reflection

22. Your shoes

Well used!
23. Something old

My parents recently downsized and gave away basically everything they owned. Besides for scoring a new washer and dryer (Thank you Mom!) I was able to snag this photo album that was put together by my Grandma (my Dad's Mom). We saw photos of when he was a kid, when he served in Vietnam and when he dated my Mom. It also had a few pictures of me and my siblings when we were younger. It is priceless and I love it!
24. Guilty pleasure

Playing on the computer is such a fun waste of my time. I do feel guilty when I'm on it for too long though.
25. Something you made

I love to sew, I do. I love to craft too. I just haven't had the time or desire to make anything lately. So enjoy a picture of my greatest creation, a project I worked on for 33 weeks with a little help from Jeff. ;)
26. Color

27. Lunch

PB & J straight up! I tend to do more with dinner and breakfast, but lunch I like to make it cheap and fast.
28. Light

Sullivan playing with the flashlight again.
29. Inside your fridge

WHY?! I don't really understand why anyone would want to take a picture of the inside of their fridge. I thought that needing to take this photo would motivate me to clean out the fridge, but nope. Here you go, in all its glory.
30. Nature

Not sure if this is quite what I was looking for with the category of Nature, but it works. We have tons of branches and leftover wood to chop up for our firepit this summer. I'm very much looking forward to making smores.
31. You, again.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Playing Guess Who...this version is so much better than the older version!

My Mom bought the girls a sewing machine for Christmas and we didn't waste anytime in using it.
This stresses me out...

Not the cute boy hiding, but the disaster of a room. I'm not a clean freak by any means, but when it is so messy that they shelves are cleared off and their is no room to walk, well I go crazy! So, out with the old and in with the new! We bought some new Tupperware to help keep Sullivan's toys a little bit more organized and put all of the baby toys downstairs, I can't part with them just yet. It put an immediate smile on my face when I finished!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sullivan called a meeting between all of his friends.

At closer look, Sullivan knows who is in charge...the Jedi Master himself.

We aren't really that geeky. Yoda came from a Happy Meal.

Cool picture

London was so proud of the birthday present that she found for her friend. I do admit it was the perfect gift! She wrapped it herself and even made a homemade birthday card to go with it. There was a lot of love put into that gift!!


For Christmas, Kamryn got some scrapbooking supplies. We've been putting them to good use lately.

Nail Art

I don't know why my girls love having their nails painted because they never keep it on longer than 10 minutes or so. I do love making them happy though.

Sick Day

London came home from school sick. She took a little nap on the couch and when she woke up she had pillows and blankets piled on her that came from a concerned little brother.


Went to watch some high school basketball. Girls HAD to make posters and HAD to draw paw prints on their cheeks, that's the spirit!