Sunday, May 31, 2009

9th Anniversary

I married this guy 9 years ago...

I love him so much, not to sound cliche or anything, but he is my best friend, the person who understands me most, who listens, who is so patient and tender and loving towards me. He is my shoulder to cry on, he cheers me on, encourages me, makes me laugh, he loves me unconditionally and I love him just the same.

I remember after my car accident, my eyes were opened. It was time to set some real goals in life and achieve them. I turned my life completely around and realized that their was more to life than I had previously known. Eventually I ended up at Ricks College, the college where EVERYONE meets their future husband or wife. I had thought things through and I knew to have a happy life I needed to find a husband who was a strong, righteous, valiant member of the LDS church. One who could strengthen my testimony and help me to continue on the path that I was on.

I moved into my new apartment, and the next night I attended my first dance with my brother and all of his roommates. Dancing completely wore me out...I was still trying to get used to my fried lungs and what I could and couldn't do without the aid of oxygen. Anywho, I was exhausted and had to sit on the side for a bit. I didn't mind, I love people watching and I watched as two very good looking guys walked in the door, right in front of me, and then right on by me. Dang it...they were cute! Then I turn and I look at them again and I saw them discussing something and then turn around. I quickly averted my attention elsewhere, slightly embarrassed that they'd caught me checking them out. When they came up and sat right by me....heart be still!

We start with the "get to know you" questions and the more I find out about these guys (especially the one on my left) I like em'. Though, when I asked Jeff where he was from and he said "England" and I couldn't hear him (he was sitting on my left, my deaf ear mixed with loud music)to which he replied "England, you know the country." Ugh, he thinks I am dumb already! Thankfully that didn't stop them from dancing with me all night. I was naturally more drawn to Jeff more than the other guy, the really sucky thing about that encounter was that I found out he was only 18 which meant he was a premie (hadn't served his mission yet). We exchanged numbers and I just hoped I'd hear from him again.

I don't want to draw this story out too long, but we became great friends. We basically hung out every single day and yes we both dated other people during this time.

Little by little, I started falling in love with him. He had all the qualities that I'd wanted in a husband (and it was a plus that he was ridiculously good looking, and tall). But, the thing that really pushed me over the edge and when I decided that I really wanted to marry him was when we attended a Tuesday devotional together. There were no seats left in the house, so we had to sit outside the auditorium. He brought his scriptures with him and I started searching his scriptures and they were literally trashed (in a good way). I found TONS of marked scriptures, quotes in the margins, quotes on papers stuffed in his scriptures, drawings of the prophet, a notebook with notes on different talks, ward bulletin's etc., This may not be telling to the normal person, but to me it meant I could fall head over heels in love with him, I could be safe with him, I'd never fall away from the happiness that the Gospel brings me...and that is just what I did.

We grew more in love through letters while we both served missions. And, when we got back at the same time, we met up and got engaged a month later and married 2 months after that. It was meant to be.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

During Memorial Day weekend, we went for a little jaunt to Murtaugh Lake and had a picnic. It was relaxing and the kids had a load of fun exploring and getting wet.

I didn't want Sullivan to get sweaty and hot, so I dressed him in a plain onesie. These pictures would have looked so much cuter if he was wearing an outfit...oh well.

After our picnic at Murtaugh Lake, we found Gossner's and got some yummy ice cream.

At Gossner's I saw Rootbeer Milk and knew immediately I needed to try it. I love Rootbeer, and I love Milk, but I don't love Rootbeer Milk. It was gross!
We finally updated all the Grandparents frames with cute pictures of the kids.

Sullivan age 6 months

Pictures of the Pictures...sorry, I'm too lazy to scan.
London age 4 yrs old, Preschool

Kamryn 6 yrs old, 1st grade. We are still working with her on a natural smile.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sleeping arrangements?

Sullivan has been falling asleep in some weird positions!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The wonderful things about Dolphins

Kamryn's class presented a series of poems for all of the parents. Jeff was able to take a break from work to come, which was nice.

This is the poem that Kamryn memorized and quoted for us:

The wonderful thing about Dolphins
Is hearing them trying to speak
It's not how do you do as I say to you
It's more of a click, whistle, squeak.

Also Kamryn had her first piano recital. She played 10 Little Indians and 2 primary songs: Quickly I'll Obey and Give Said the Little Stream. She did awesome and was the youngest of the group of players. If she was a little nervous, she didn't let it show. We are still discussing whether or not she will continue with piano in the fall. It was like pulling teeth to get her to practice. But, in the end, she learned so much and I think she really enjoyed it.

Just like her mama

Proof that London eats chalk.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

6 months

Doesn't he look like a toddler in this picture? He is growing up so quickly!

Weight: 19lbs 5 1/2 oz.
Height: 27 1/4"
Again, he's a perfectly proportioned baby and comes in at the 75% for both height and weight.

He has been discovering his voice more which sometimes involves high pitch screaming that embarrasses me. But, most of the time he says "Dada" when he's happy and "mama" when he's upset and sad. I don't think he necessarily knows what he's saying because he says Dada all the time, even when Jeff isn't around. Though Jeff would like to think differently.

He loves to shake his head "no" and "yes." Again, he doesn't necessarily get the answer right but it is fun asking him questions that make him sound like he's the smartest baby on earth...

Sullivan, is Bush our current President and he shakes his head "no." See, he is the smartest baby ever!

His new found talent is clapping. It was adorable to watch him connect those fist for the first time and then have him try again and again. He claps slowly, but he succeeds. He even gave the girls a standing ovation for their Tavaci concert.

Eating chunky food has become his favorite past time. Whenever I am eating and holding him, he tries to grab my food. I've been feeding him/letting him feed himself the soft dissolvable baby foods first to make sure he could handle solids and I've been slowly introducing chunky pears, bananas, real rice, beans etc.,.

He is a pro at sitting up and rolling over. He's pretty mobile with just those. It seems like most of the time when I set him down in a sitting position, he gets on one foot and his hands and starts to sway back and forth. If I remember right this is how both girls started learning how to crawl. He also loves doing planks (just his hand and toes touching the ground). As I write this, he pulled himself up from a laying position to a sitting position (time to move the crib mattress lower).

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another Tavaci performance

We had another Tavaci performance on Saturday. Can I just tell you how much I love is such fun program! Jeff had the opportunity to perform (along with 2 other Daddy/Daughter combos) a song from Annie called Together Forever. It was so cute! I got a little teary eyed watching them. What a special memory that Jeff and Kammi have now.

Both my parents and Jeff's parents and sisters came to watch, however I missed taking a picture of Jeff's family. :( Thanks for coming and supporting the girls and Jeff.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

At the end of the day as I kneel to pray, I always ask Heavenly Father to help me raise my children in a way that would make him proud. I am, in fact, in charge of his spirit children while on earth....and that stresses me out, it causes me a lot of pressure and worry. I try my best, but most of the time I fail and feel inadequate as a Mom.

I know that I can't be perfect as a Mother, but I do know if I follow these exemplary mothers then I can't go wrong...

Also, to all of you who sacrifice so much so that families like mine can be blessed with children...thank you so much! We just found out that Kamryn's birthmom is pregnant with a baby girl (she has 4 yr. old twin boys as well) and we are so happy that she is doing so well. Sullivan's birthmom is also doing well, but it is still so new that I am sure she could use the extra prayers right now!

So, Mother's Day ended up being a weekend full of fun for me. At Lowe's they offered a craft for the kids to make for their mom. They were supposed to make planters, but they didn't have any left so the girls got to make tetherballs.

Jeff sent me and the girls to go get manicures for part of my Mother's Day gift. It was relaxing and I loved that the girls got to go with me and experience this. They were able to pick out their own fingernail polish: Kamryn chose purple, London chose pink and I chose Red.

Jeff also bought me a pair of running shoes...I needed a pair pretty badly!
We hung outside most of the afternoon on Saturday. Sullivan loves to be outside. Check out his one dimple, he's a cutie!

Saturday night was spent cleaning up Kammi's vomit and trying to make my sick child as comfortable as possible. I was kind of bummed that I had to miss church the very next day. Jeff called me half way through the meetings and said he was coming home so that I could attend sacrament meeting (he was even supposed to conduct). I was so happy! It was so nice to be able to listen to the talks and not wrestle with kids the whole time. I'm so grateful that he decided to do this for me...I needed it!

We switched roles and he went back to church to finish up all that he needed to. When he got home, he grilled me the most delicious top sirloin steak this girl has ever tasted. The sides included garlic potatoes, salad, bread and for dessert...homemade icecream. He spent most of his day slaving in the kitchen and we spent about 15 minutes devouring it (not very fair) was SO good! I appreciate being spoiled today and getting a break from my normal duties. What a great MOther's Day!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Went on a field trip with Kamryn's first grade class. The kids thought I was hilarious because I took pictures of everything, even me...

We tease Kamryn that her teeth are going to look like beaver teeth if she keeps sucking her thumb. Well, she finally saw what real beaver teeth looked like. I think she is scared.

London registered for kindergarten. As soon as we walked in the door, she shut down and would not say a single word. I had to take her to 3 different stations where they tested her for her kindergarten readiness. I had to be hands on to help London communicate while being tested and I was also struggling with a tired baby at the same time. It was frustrating. I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to find a lady that works at the library. I don't know her too well, we just see each other when I go to the library and we chat. She loves Sullivan though and when she saw my need she came to offer to watch Sullivan for me while I helped London through the testing. Usually I brush offers like this off because I hate putting people out, but I really needed the help and I was just so grateful that she was there to help me. So, I take London to the different stations and they worked around her shyness by asking questions like "is this the letter M?" She'd always nod no and ended up getting more right than she should have :) Ha! I could see them joting down notes like "doesn't talk, extremely shy." If they only knew my London...give her a few weeks and she will be singing and dancing to the whole kindergarten class.

And a post just isn't a post with out my chubby baby making an appearance. The girls tested out their baby doll stroller on Sullivan and it held up well. He loved being pushed around and almost fell asleep while doing so.