Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Corn Maze

Aunt IE (as Sullivan lovingly calls her) came for a visit over the weekend...perfect reason to go and have some Halloween fun. We went to a local, homemade park and went through a corn maze. Not to toot my own horn, but I was pretty good at finding some of the hole punching stations. I guess Jeff didn't realize that the picture of Buzz Lightyear was actually an exact map, he thought we just had to wander aimlessly finding them. It involved a lot of walking, some up and down hills and my toe was starting to throb, so I took it easy through most of it. When we had like 2 punches left to get, I just took control cause I wanted to get out of there! In the end, we had a blast...twas fun! Sullivan though, had to have his hand held through the entire maze. We tried letting go a few times, but he always seemed to wander off and try to hide in the corn stalks and not stay on the path.

At this park, they have water slides for summertime and they use them as slides in the fall.

Jeff taking the big slide, the slide with the jump at the bottom, the one where you lay on your back in a gunny sack and bump and shake all the way to the bottom to catch some air and have a huge ball pit waiting for you to cushion the landing. I think it was more painful than fun.

Ash, what a trooper! Looks like she never wants to try that landing again!

Kids going down the kid sized slides. They loved it, they could have spent all day there!

Dad convinced the girls to try the big slides. I don't think Kammi liked it too much, but London went again all by herself (made me super nervous).

Making Caramel Apples

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Sullivan just happens to call ALL pumpkins "footballs." I've corrected him a zillion times, but he still calls them footballs. The really cute part of this is that he treats them like footballs, at least the ones that are light enough for him to carry. He picks them up and throws them. He also picks up the heavier ones to show me how strong he is.

And, he's always sad when all the "footballs" have been thrown.

He's in a stage where he copies a lot of what I do and say. I was reading a book in bed and up he hopped on the bed, saw what I was doing and hopped back off. A few minutes later, he was on my bed getting comfy under the covers and reading the Book of Mormon. He's so adorable.

A friend is competing in a So you think you can Craft blog contest and she used my handsome boy as a model. She dressed him up in the cutest Panda Halloween costume that she made. He HATED it and wasn't very cooperative! We had to hold him down to get the make-up on and afterwards, I had a hard time getting the stuff off.

I think this kid is going through a grow spurt! I can't keep him full. After feeding the kids breakfast and sending the girls off to school, I found him back up on top of our table polishing off the pancakes.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halloween Survivor

My friend Emily put on her annual Halloween party. Our costumes are kinda lame, but that's what you get when you go to DI to find something cheap and throw it all together. Though, I must say that Jeff is going to be one hot grandpa one of these years...minus the stashe.

The group...(photos by Emily)

Just us...

We had dinner and then Emily hosted a Halloween survivor game. If you won an individual game, you won immunity. All others had to pick out a card to see if they were eliminated or not. Poor Jeff was the first one eliminated so he only got to play one game, I don't think he minded though. We had a trivia game, musical chairs, wrapped a mummy in toilet paper, relay race with candy corn, bean bag toss and one that was particularly embarrassing was one you made up a dance with a broom stick and then picked someone to copy your dance exactly. In the end it was me and another girl named Jen to stick our faces in a plate of whipped cream and pick out 8 gummi worms for the win. Luckily, the other Jen was a little more timid when it came to getting whipped cream all over her face so I ended up winning a $10 gift card to a frozen yogurt place. Twas awesome!

Slumber Party

I love how Sullivan is apart of this group and in control of the popcorn bowl!


Who knew that such a small part of my body could cause so much intense pain.

On Saturday we took our family out to a corn maze (post coming soon)and a little way in my big toe started to hurt. I could still walk and we finished the corn maze and everything, but on the way home I had to take off my shoes because it was getting worse. That night it started throbbing and I could barely sleep. Sunday, Jeff took off for a week in Georgia on a business trip. I was tempted to skip church. Taking 3 kids to church while limping didn't sound like something I wanted to do, but I ended up going anyway. People didn't seem to notice too much that I was limping, but by the time I got home from church I could tell something was definitely wrong with my toe. It had swollen so fat that I couldn't wear shoes, it felt like I had broken it and re broken it throughout the day. I was pretty pathetic for the rest of the day. Thank goodness I have such great kids that took care of me, even brought me breakfast in bed the next morning.

Monday morning, its throbbing, red, swollen, hot and I could barely walk. I'm basically crying in pain and I consider myself to have a high tolerance for hurt that much! I went to the doctor, waited in the waiting room for over an hour. My doctor thinks it might be Gout, which I'm pretty young to have. They say the best way to diagnose is to draw blood from the joint and NO WAY am I allowing them to even touch my toe. So, they do a normal blood test to see if I have elevated uric acid in my blood. I guess Gout is where your body doesn't eliminate the uric acid which ends up forming crystals in your joints and it always starts in the big toe. After doing some research on Gout, I know I have it...however, my blood tests show that my uric acid levels aren't elevated. My doctor wants me to come back in for more tests, but I'm not sure I want too. I'm feeling pretty good now, especially after the anti-inflammatory and pain pills. I'd hate to go through this again, but since my blood test came back normal, I'm not sure I want to put myself through more testing if it was just a one time incident.

I come home from the doctor on Monday and the school calls the second I limp in the house to tell me London was vomiting and needs to be picked up. Then, at 4pm I got a phone call from my Aunt and Uncle telling me that they are passing through and need a place to stay. My house was a disaster! It definitely made for one terrible day...not my Aunt/Uncle visiting, I loved that part...just the last minute notice while I was needing to go get prescriptions filled and clean the house for them. And, this all seems to happen when Jeff is gone. I survived though!

Friday, October 15, 2010


The girls found this cute little caterpillar and named it Fuzzy. They literally spent hours building it a home gym. They kept it in a jar in their bedroom at night and fed it grass and had a sponge in the jar so it could drink water and not drown. They loved Fuzzy more than any other creature they've brought home before. Seriously, how could you not...a fuzzy yellow caterpillar, it was so cute. I worried every morning that they'd find it dead. It lived for a few days before they forgot Fuzzy and left him outside overnight. In the morning he'd moved on to greener pastures. They bring up Fuzzy's name every once in awhile, still remember the good times they shared together in that short amount of time.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Enjoy Kamryn's photography skillz. She already enjoys being behind the lens instead of in front of it...just like her mama!

This has been by far the best garden we've ever had, thanks to all of Jeff's hard work. I love fixing dinner in the evenings and being able to have the kids go and pick a bunch of veggies for what I am spaghetti for this particular evening. Having a garden sure is handy!