Wednesday, May 19, 2010

18 months

Sullivan @ 18 months

-Loves to be outside.
-Throws the ball well.
-Throws his mitt too.
-Throws his food, sippy cup and basically anything else he can get his hands on.
-Jumps and gets air.
-Jumps off the couches.
-Still trying to form words and not having any luck doing so. He's the strong silent type. :) He really seems to catch on to sign language though. I've decided to take a different approach to help him...1. Get rid of the binky. 2. Don't allow the girls to give in to his grunts and pointing to what he wants.
-Folds his arms(puts his wrists together, fingers pointed down) and bows his head during prayers.
-Started nursery at church and loved it at first, but after a few Sunday's he has started crying before we drop him off.
-Dances to anything with a beat. He does the head nod, the shoulder shake, the hip shake, the waist turn and currently learned the fist pump in the air. He's so cute.
-Very gentle with babies. I've been babysitting a newborn that he loves and is always trying to put his binky in his mouth.
-Hates our chickens, he's just the right size for them to peck him.
-Still takes 2-3 hr. naps once a day.
-Almost in size 24 month clothes, pants are still a little long.
-Weighs 28 1/2 pounds.
-On his 2nd pair of Jordans, size 7!
-Loves pushing his cars around on our hard wood floor.
-Collects his little cars on our window sills around the house.
-Still such a helper...he opens and closes the dishwasher, "tries" to pour the soap in, shuts it and knows what buttons to push to get it to start (not always a good thing).
-Gets in my kitchen drawers and empties them out. I do not want to ruin my cabinets with child proofing locks!
-Pushes chairs around in the kitchen so that he can climb up on the counter and get into things he's not supposed to.
-Loves to be picked up by his head with his hands on Jeff's forearms which actually hold all his weight (did that make any sense?). He loves to show off how strong he is.
-When he makes eye contact with a stranger, he immediately turns his head as if he is shy. Then he tries making eye contact again and does this over and over...usually makes the stranger melt and comment on how cute he is.
-Still does not like TV, though he likes to sit with Jeff when sports are on and will watch when I turn the DVD player on in the car (probably because he doesn't have anything else to do).
-Can point to his nose and belly button. And, he usually sticks his finger in his nose...ugh.
-LOVES his car/truck book and it has came in handy when he gets out of sorts during church.
-Hugs and gives open mouth kisses still.
-Went to the ENT yesterday and the doctor postponed his surgery AGAIN for at least 6 more months!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010