Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Monday, September 27, 2010

My little boy slept way past his usual wake up time. I finally had to go and wake him up myself and when I went in I was met with the strong smell of vomit. Yuck! I cleaned him up
and we started our day. He was acting completely normal at first, but a few hours later and he has started to drag. He can't even walk very far, he ends up just laying down on the ground. I've given him his sippy and he won't even sit up for it. Poor baby! After I gave him his medicine, he started sucking on the dropper...pretty cute. Looks like we are going to have a PJ/Cartoon day!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Since my girls are at school all day, I get this little guy all to myself. We've really had a lot of fun together and I'm so grateful that I have a chance to have this one on one time with him. We've kept very busy!

Hanging out in the hot tub with Grandma S!

Making a fort with the shower curtain.

Whenever I see kids with food all of their faces, it kinda grosses me out. Still, I have to post these because he's just so cute. Sullivan has learned how to get into our pantry. He usually grabs these pudding snack packs, probably because they are on his level. It just happened to be snack time when he came barging into me carrying this little chocolate snack pack declaring "uh, uh." I'm just grateful I took of his shirt beforehand.

He ALWAYS does this. I don't know if it is his "cheese" smile or what, but he always closes his eyes and scrunches his nose.

My parents recently downsized homes and ended up divvying up a lot of their stuff. They basically let us choose what we wanted to have. I really didn't care what I ended up with, I wanted both my sister and brother to have what they wanted and then decide myself...selfless of me, I know. The one thing that I really, really wanted was the set of dishes you see in the picture. The reason I wanted them so badly was that I like the story behind these dishes. My parents were newly married when my Dad went to Vietnam to serve in the war. He came home with these as a present for my Mom. I just think it is sweet/romantic. My Mom kept these in her China closet (in picture, I inherited it too!) and we'd only use them for Thanksgiving dinner. I love them! And, the China closet was my Grandma/Grandpa's which makes it special too!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Zip Line

This had to have been one of my favorite Elders Quorum parties ever. We went and did the ropes course at a local college near our hometown. I didn't expect the girls to be able to participate, nor did I think that they would have enough guts to do it. Kamryn was one of the first kids to go on and after seeing her older sister doing it, London got the confidence to go on as well. They had so much fun! The pictures that I tried to get as they zipped by me didn't turn out so hot, so here are some before and afters!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Steam Locomotive UP #844

During World War II Union Pacific operated some of the most modern and powerful steam locomotives ever built. Then the diesel came in and UP started buying them up and using them instead of the steam locomotives. Everyone of these old steam engines have been retired (on display in museums etc.,.), except good old #844. There is one more locomotive that was retired and then restored, but #844 has never stopped. I discovered that this old locomotive would be making a maintenance stop in a town close to me. We had no plans for the day, so I decided to take Sullivan for a look. He loves cars and tractors, why not trains too. I mentioned my plans to Jeff and he decided he'd take a lunch break and go with us. My main man Van LOVED it! The locomotive was a whole lot bigger than I imagined and the horn almost left me deaf in my only good ear. After our little visit to the locomotive, we stopped by a little diner that we've heard a lot about and tried a "hog" burger for lunch (hamburger patty with ham on it) and it was delicious! Such a fun little day trip with my 2 favorite guys!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

First Day of School

Sullivan had a hard time saying goodbye, but he's adjusted to the new schedule and looks forward to seeing the girls get off the bus now. Kamryn is in Mrs. Clark's 3rd grade class. London is in Mrs. Drew's 1st grade class. They both LOVE school, though London isn't much of a morning person and we do have a hard time getting her going and out the door on time!