Wednesday, October 10, 2012

 Sullivan had just recently fell in love with gloves.  I guess he associates gloves with working outdoors with Dad.  At point he had a melt down because he was going with Dad to help someone move, but didn't have a pair of gloves for himself.  And then Sullivan's Grandma came for a visit and brought a mini pair of work gloves, of all things.  She had no idea that Sullivan was obsessed with gloves, what an inspired Grandma!

 After the Family Reunion, Kamryn was able to go back home to Utah with her cousin Emily.  She had so much fun from what I heard about, but nightly we'd get a phone call from her crying and wanting to come home.  I think Utah was too far away for her and this was her first time away from home without a little sister along for the ride.  We ended up making this cousins week a little shorter than expected since Kam was missing us so much.  But, it was a great experience for her!  Since her cousin lives in Utah they don't get together as much as they'd like.  Next summer Emily is heading our way!!

Making Christmas gifts already!

 I've noticed more and more that Sullivan doesn't like to color that much.  He really needs to work on those fine motor skills!  Here we are practicing our coloring...

 Another Golf Date, yes please!

Keeping the kids entertained with chalk tattoo's...they still haven't came off of our porch, bad decision!

The kids have really excelled at cleaning the church, practice makes perfect!  I just wish they'd do the same at home! ;)

 When does the family vehicle need to go in the shop?  Right when you are taking a long road trip, of course!  The brakes on our van went out and Les Schwab needed to order them, making the van not usable.  We then had to take Jeff's small Chevy Aveo, the rollerskate, with all 3 kids and a car seat, 5 separate pieces of luggage and my oxygen concentrator for a 2 hr. drive.  I literally had a piece of luggage on my legs and below my legs for the whole drive, it was torture!  Then after we dropped the kids off and most of the luggage, we continued on another 3 hr. drive...shaky and under the speed limit. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

4th of July

 I love his facial expressions.

 Watching the Big Show.

 After Island Park, we went back to Jeff's parents house for our 4th of July.  It was quite fun. 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Island Park

We made a stop at Mesa Falls and had a picnic lunch.
Then the family hiked down to see the falls closer, unfortunately I didn't have a portable oxygen tank and this was as far as I went.
 Sullivan had to be by Ry Ry the whole time!

Jeff using his IPAD as a camera, it looks funny but produces really beautiful pictures.

 My cheesy, sweaty boy.

Arrival at our cabin in Island Park.
 Went for a walk after an FHE that the kids put on.

 The next morning I was able to go golfing with the guys.
 Then we went to West Yellowstone.

Lexie was quite creeped out by this bear. 

 Then we went for some sweets, very expensive sweets.