Monday, May 30, 2011

11 years

I'm pretty sure I just won wife of the year...

We are *trying* to be super strict with our money and save for something I'll blog about at a later's awesome, you'll see. Anyway, since it was my turn to plan our anniversary and we were on a budget, I decided to just take Jeff golfing since it is the other love in his life. I had visions of hanging a "Just Married...11 years ago" sign on the back of the cart with some cans hanging from strings that dragged behind us, but I don't think Jeff would have been too excited for that to happen so I scrapped that idea. It would have made a super cute picture though. I haven't been golfing for such a long time that I didn't realize how spendy it was, especially with a cart...yikes, so much for being on a budget for our anniversary. Still, it was soooooo much fun! It makes me want my own clubs and membership, but seriously when would I ever have time to go. I for see a lot of golfing after we are retired though.

And, I could go on about how much I love my husband but I'll save that for his ears only! Happy 11 years to us!

Field Day

The kids look forward to this every year! They get to sign up for different events and compete against other kids in their grade.

L participated in the ball toss, soccer kick and turtle relay.

K participated in the soccer kick, ball toss, jump rope, relay race and tug-o-war.

Note worthy

I don't have any pictures, but thought that these were important for me to record on my blog for memory sake.

Jeff took Sullivan on his first overnight father and sons camp out. We weren't sure that Sullivan would handle it since he's been having difficulties staying asleep at night. Jeff took him anyway and pitched his tent away from everyone so that if Sullivan woke up crying he wouldn't wake anyone up. Jeff said he did great though, woke up once but went right back to sleep.

The girls and I went to a friends house for a spa night while the boys were away. We soaked our feet and then did glitter toes. It was so nice to get out of the house and do something with friends. Funny thing happened though...We put on face masks that were like grayish black in color, even put on white stuff around our lips (sorry, I rarely have spa days so I am not sure what this stuff is even called). We all had these masks on our face the whole night. I started getting sleepy, so I left around 11pm. A friend asked if I wanted to wash my face mask off before I went and I declined, I was only like 2 minutes from home. Then they said not to get pulled over and we all laughed. Well, guess what...I got pulled over on the way home. You should have seen the cops face when he saw me. Basically he just raised his eyebrows and then told me I was going 58 in a 50 mph (come on!). I was quite embarrassed though.

Jeff and I were able to attend our very first showing of Wicked. Jeff's youngest sister Ashley went with us as well. She's a huge fan and I think I am now too! The music was amazing! We saw a matinee showing so we had 2 understudies for the main characters. They were so good though!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Easter Activities

We had a great Easter this year, just like every year actually.

A friend organized an Easter egg hunt. It was so nice to be able to have my kids do an actual hunt with other kids and not just at home like we've been doing. Sullivan learned quickly that these eggs held candy and their was no stopping him.

Coloring Easter eggs this year was quite fun! I had to leave my controlling, wanna be perfectionista side of my personality behind and just let the kids do what ever they wanted. And, because of that I think it was the most fun that we've ever had as a family dying Easter eggs.

Easter baskets.

A friend invited us over to make easter egg nest cookies.

Easter outfits.

Mother's Day

The achievement day girls put on a wonderful lunch for us Mom's. The best part for me was when Kamryn took the opportunity to tell everyone why I am special(as did all the other girls)..."because she plays board games with me."

Thursday, May 12, 2011

We had a beautiful barrier of trees that blocked the front of our home. I loved those trees, they not only blocked the canal off providing the extra comfort I needed to even let my kids go play outside, but they also semi blocked the road so our house wasn't all that visible for passerby's. They were mostly all dead though, so they had to go. A member of our church came and chopped them all down and provided much needed firewood to several families. I'm starting to warm up to the new view.

After the process was finished, we invited Jeff's brother and his family who just moved to our little town over for a night of fun. We enjoyed a quick weeny roast while they were burning the leftover trees.

Then we set the kids up in our un-finished downstairs with a movie and popcorn while the adults stayed upstairs and watched the new Harry Potter movie. It was a great night!!

Donuts for Dad

The girls got to take Dad to a special breakfast at school.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Just Practicing...

Jeff got me a new scanner for Mother's Day. I'm just playing around and trying to figure things out and had to post this cute picture that I just scanned of my favorite 2 men! Sullivan was about 5 months old.

Monday, May 2, 2011