Monday, June 28, 2010

Photo taken by Emily Merritt.

Kamryn was baptized on June 5 (I'll post about that soon). After her baptism comes achievement/activity days with other girls from our ward between the ages of 8-11. She LOVES going and looks forward to all the new things she will learn. As a Mom, I appreciate this program so much. Not only does it reinforce things I teach her, teach her new things, but also gives her an opportunity to be around other girls her age in a positive, happy, exciting setting. Her leaders just happen to be women that she knows very well, which helps a lot! In this photo, they learned about beauty and hygiene. When I arrived to pick up Kamryn they weren't quite done yet and I listened as they gave Kamryn her first stick of deodorant and talked about showering and using deodorant so that they won't stink. It was cute!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Girls Day Out

We went with some friends to make braclets. The girls took FOREVER trying to decide on what beads. And, they both cared more about the charms than the beads so the braclets turned out pretty interesting. I'm happy they had fun and it was nice to get out and do something with the girls!


My friend Lauren taught me how to make is such a long process, no wonder they cost so much on etsy. London loves her girly girl skirt. I offered to make Kam one, but after seeing a picture of one she said "No way you'll ever get me to wear that." But after seeing London wear hers around the house, she is starting to reconsider. I *might* need to make another one.

Here's the last of the Disney photos. After almost losing all of my photos because I didn't back them up, I clinged to the fact that many photos were still on my blog. So sorry for the photo overload!

I have about a dozen of these photos and this one was the best...guess they were just too excited to go ride rides to smile for my camera.
Tea Cups have been a favorite of ours ever since Kammi rode them her first time at the age of 10 months old. She loved riding the tea cups. Sullivan didn't like them so much though.

One of the difficult parts of Disneyland was that Jeff was always off riding on rides with the girls while I stayed behind with Sullivan because he was too small to go on them. We came upon this ride (not sure what it was called) and discovered that Sullivan could go on too...yay! So, London and myself rode in a car and the other 3 went behind us.

We had several Disney character sitings. Sullivan was pretty excited as he watched Buzz Lightyear walking towards him, but obviously he was a man on a mission and walked right by us with many kids trailing him. I snapped the picture anyway...

After a day of excitement at Disneyland, poor Sullivan was plan tuckered out. This is his usual sleeping pose, with his hands behind his head. I always know he's trying or about to fall asleep if he starts to put his hands in this position. The extra cute part of this picture is how he kicked up both feet on the tray rest. I swear, every single person we passed as we walked to our hotel commented on how precious he was.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

California Adventure

Jeff convinced Kamryn to go on the Tower of Terror with him (drops from up high to down low quickly). She "hated it and will never go on it again."


We rode the carousel, mostly for Sullivan.