Monday, February 22, 2010

February 15
President's Day. Kids were home from school so my sister Danielle, her kids and my parents came to visit me.

For family night, we made shakes. I added nerds to mine, yum.

February 16
Sullivan's ENT appointment.

February 17

February 18
London collided with another little girl during Tavaci class and came home with a bruise/black eye that went away rather quickly. It was pretty swollen at first, but by the next day you could barely tell it was there.

February 19
After I took this picture of Sullivan playing, I realized how spoiled he must look...look at all those toys in the background.

February 20
Kam grabbed the camera and took many pictures. I love this picture because it shows Jeff, Van and London in the same shot, yet oblivious to the picture being taken.

Her backpack.

February 21
London entertaining herself while I cooked dinner. I can almost see a future Halloween costume!

Sullivan, my mischievous kid getting on the table and making a mess right before the missionaries were to arrive.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

ENT Appointment

Yesterday was our ENT appointment for Sullivan's sinus tract/cyst on his neck. The doctor kept wanting to see Sullivan every 3 month since his birth and he'd spend like 5 minutes with us and then be on his way. I got tired of paying money for nothing so we quit going. The doc always said that he'd schedule surgery when Van was big enough. Well he weighed 25 lbs at his last appointment, my boy is solid and definitely big enough to go through surgery now so I scheduled this ENT appointment with the idea that we'd schedule this silly surgery and get it over with. I was wrong!

It was another 5 minute appointment. Sullivan was so good and let the doctor pinch at the cyst quite a bit. The doctor then proceeds to tell me he could take care of the cyst pretty easily, but he might want to hold off on the sinus track (the pink stripe) because it looked dried out, chapped like it had been leaking fluid. I guess that changes the dynamics of the surgery?? I'm not sure?? I do think it leaks fluid and I've told the doc that several times. And, no way I am going to put Sullivan through 2 surgeries so I just told the doc I'd like to get it all done in one shot. He then tells me he could do a z formation (exactly like my trachea scar, so we'd be twins)but he still seemed worried about giving Van a scar. Ultimately, he wants to see Sullivan back in 3 months because he wants him to be bigger but I think it is because he's not quite sure what to do with the surgery, how to fix him.

I've considered not going through with the surgery, but as he's gotten older and we've heard questions and comments from complete strangers I realize that it is very noticeable and he'll be more comfortable with a scar than trying to explain the scratch on his neck. So...we wait.

Monday, February 15, 2010

February 8
For family night, we filled out Valentine's and filled treat bags. Kammi avoiding the camera again.

February 9
Took both girls to the dentist and we are cavity free...YAY!!! This was actually London's first trip to the dentist too!

February 10
While Jeff was on a business trip this week which left the girls to take care of the chickens. He's teased me quite a bit about not liking to work outside and not liking "dirty" work. All I needed to do was gather eggs and make sure they had food and water, easy peasy...HA! The weather warmed and we basically had quicksand surrounding the coop. Ugh...I could hardly carry the water and food out because I was stuck up to my calves in mud. It was frustrating, but I did it and took pictures to prove to Jeff that I can get dirty.

February 11
It was bound to happen, but I thought that this lion would have lasted longer than 2 1/2 months. We got it for Sullivan's 1st Birthday, he likes to tackle and we thought it was a good size for that. Sullivan ended up popping two good sized holes in it. Bye bye Lion!

February 12
I was busy cleaning the house, he was busy making the messes.

February 13
The kids got a fun package in the mail from Aunt Ashee. They loved it!

February 14
These new fuzzy slippers just screamed for pedicures, so I gave my loves a spa day after church on Sunday. We soaked our feet in the tub and I massaged little toes and feet with a scrub and the girls laughed so hard because it tickled. And, I owe a big thank you to Kylee/Sharon whoever picked these slippers out because Kammi who is so not a girly girl has officially began to like pink and tries to coordinate her outfits to match her thanks for helping her feel girly.

Yes, not a very good picture. I SLAVED in the kitchen almost all day and dinner turned out just alright, I was pretty disappointed. Red velvet cake doesn't taste any different than other cake, it is just pretty to look at, that's all!

Christmas in February

Kylee (Van's birthmom)came for a visit bearing Christmas presents. She actually tried making this trip around the holidays during crazy weather and ended up with a car in the ditch, thankfully no one was hurt. I knew she had Christmas gifts, but I had no idea how spoiled everyone would be. I had prepped the girls that Van would be opening some presents and not to pull the "no fair" act. Usually they are pretty good, but we've had a few meltdowns when one girl gets to open presents and the other one doesn't and those experiences have left me nervous. As they brought the ton of presents inside, I realized that these gifts weren't just for Sullivan. They included a gift for each girl, which I appreciated so much (you'll see photos in a different post). They really didn't need to do it, but they did and it just makes my heart swell that they thought of them/us too.

He actually unwrapped this huge gift mostly by himself. He slowly ripped each piece of paper and then handed it to Kylee. Thank heavens one of my children likes to keep the place clean. Then when he unwrapped the exposed part of the truck, he got busy pushing the buttons. It is such a cute even has blinkers for when he turns and it is small enough that he can scoot around in it.

We haven't been able to see Kylee for a good 6 months or so, but that didn't stop Sullivan from getting close to her. He's such a loving boy!

Van also got to meet his Uncle Chance for the first time.

This is what he looked like after we watched them drive away.

Monday, February 8, 2010

February 1
Just a little update about Sullivan...He's trying so hard to communicate. I almost fell on the ground when he said "Mo" while signing more. He's only said it a few times, but he's catching on. Sometimes in the car he likes to try babbling in different pitches and volumes. And, he's starting to jump, but not really getting any air. I think it is so cute to watch!

February 2
A quick game of charades in the kitchen. You can't see Jeff because he's on the ground acting like a rock. The girls couldn't figure out that one for quite awhile.

February 3
We are ALL ready for spring!

Febuary 4
100 days of school! Kamryn filled out this little questionaire and I thought her answers were cute.

This week we made our first yard, something like that. We purchased a chicken coop for our 4 new hens, or as Kammi would call them "The Chickletts" or as London named two of them "Holla and Gilbert." They've been a fun addition to the family. The girls are actually thriving from this new responsibility. I had my doubts since they put up a fight when I ask them to do chores. I guess when it involves an animal they are "game" for anything (cheesy, aren't I). They literally ran from the bus stop to see the new hens.

February 5
I worried about the hens all night long. Will they be happy, is the coop big enough, will they be warm enough or too warm. It didn't help that Jeff told me that 3 hens were in one nesting box and the other one was by itself. Poor lonely hen!

I was anxious to see if they laid any eggs, and in my mind if they laid eggs that meant that they were happy in their new home. I watched the girls and Jeff as they checked the boxes, but they came back empty handed. I was immediately sad until Jeff told me that he saw two eggs, but that the hen was still in the nesting box. I was so relieved! I sent them back out to scoot the hen over and grab my two eggs! This is Kammi showing off the goods.

Three eggs total! Jeff went back later and found one more.

We had a taste test with the eggs that morning. We scrambled the fresh eggs and the rest of our store bought eggs and wow, what a difference! I was sceptical at first, but fresh eggs taste so much better! I just hope I don't get tired of eggs because these hens are producing 3-4 eggs a day.

February 6
Picture taken by Kamryn, with a zoom lens on even. Fun Aunt Ashee came to visit us Saturday morning. We played charades, karaoke and ate at Tomatoes for lunch.

Jeff made his own cookies since I didn't trust myself at the time to eat all the cookie dough. He's actually quite handy to have around when I don't feel like cooking.

February 7
Over night curlers makes really cute hair for church on Sunday.